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Explaining; The meaning of “BS” in Japan.

Since I’ve kinda tired of having to explain this every time someone asks, I’m now making a nice, hopefully somewhat big post on it.

“BS”, in Japan, is a term which predates the Satellaview, and came around during the origins of/early times of Satellite-Transferred programming in Japan.

There doesn’t necessarily have to be any particular rule for what could have “BS” tagged on it, except that it must have been “Broadcasted” from a Satellite. The term, after all, is an abbreviation for “Broadcasting Satellite”.

Wikipedia should have some highly educational articles on the history of Japanese Broadcasting Satellites as well as service providers and the like.

To bring the point in further, quite a LOT of content in Japan has “BS” versions. I’ve picked out a bit of something which may give a bit of a chuckle, but also some insight into what was shown, and how long these services have been around…

… Yeah, I picked a segment of a 1988 Ninja Turtles episode.

旧BS版タートルズ「助っ人,ケーシー登場」 1/3

Surely the overseas visitors are LOLing now. No more of this, I’m already looking rather goofy.

… ah, I miss this show. 🙁

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