Satellaview Emulation – SNES9Xpp XE is SWEET.

For a long, long time now, I’ve been wondering by the BS F-Zero ROMs have a notable emulation issue where you can’t clear a lap.

Well, I finally found an emulator where this doesn’t happen! Behold! Xpp XE. I don’t know much on it – it’s apparently Japanese in origin and based of the “SNES9XWXE” I may have mentioned before, but it’s newer (well, 2004, but still), and better!

To set it up, mark your “Save” directory and make a folder called “BIOS” there. Take the (headerless) “BS-X” ROM, name it to “bsxbios.bin” and put it in that directory. Now set up a “BSXPSRM” directory and leave it blank.

Then load the beauty. You’ll kick into the BIOs – showing the emulator obviously use a hack-ish method to load the ROMs. You have to load Soundlink games as though they were downloads!

Still. It’s worth it. Just for this. Watch me crash and die, folks!

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  1. Busy Busy Busy – 2: HyperSpinning makes me dizzy. | Satellablog said,

    October 19, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    […] I wrote a bit on this before, and he saw the article and apparently set out to set it up for a project he was contributing to. He had issues with headered/headerless ROMs, though – sometimes I forget that sometimes I talk to people who -aren’t- as intuitively understanding of ROMs as I am. I tend to be used to talking to ASM hackers lately, after all. D: […]

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