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Satellaview Radio – Bakusho Mondai on Tactics Ogre.

The newest NicoNicoDouga upload this time is another piece from one of the Satellaview’s radio programs.

Unfortunately, it is not dated, but the host is identified as “Bakusho Mondai“. It’s labeled as another “After School King” show, but it seems that rather than being sketch comedy or somesuch, we’ve got a whole program dedicated to a single game. That game is Tactics Ogre. If you’re not familiar with this game, here’s the Wikipedia article on it. I am not sure whether it’ll be brought up again.

Why Tactics Ogre? The Japanese version came out on the Super Famicom in Oct. 1995, and so I think this radio show was likely intended to rally some customers for it. I’m thinking it aired at some point around that timeframe.

爆笑問題の放課後の王様 ゲストにオウガ松野泰己

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