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How much is that Soundtrack in the window? The one with the Sound & Drama?

Since I’m running relatively low on actual news items, I’ll write this piece up.

You’ve probably seen my previous posts where I mentioned looking for audio albums with Satellaview music. After figuring I’ve gotten as many as I’m ever gonna get, I decided to look them up on Yahoo Japan Auctions and eBay


Here’s some of the results I got –

An Auction for “Super Famicom Game Music” on eBay. $100!

Super Mario World Original Soundtrack on eBay. $160.

Dragon Quest 1 Symphonic Suite on eBay. $39.99

Zelda Sound & Drama on YJA. 10,000 Yen.

Famicom Grafitti on YJA. 19,100 Yen.

Fuurai no Shiren Special Arrange Version on YJA. 68,000 Yen.

Super Mario World Soundtrack on YJA. 14,000 Yen.

Toy Music – Dancing Super Mario Brothers on YJA. 4,200 Yen BIN.

With these kind of prices, I’d be out of money fast trying to collect the actual albums! Blast, my goals…

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