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St. GIGA history – Sound of the Earth series.

I’ve said before how I wanted to take a bit more of a look into St. Giga’s Pre-Satellaview history, and it seems like I got something nice for it – a CD-R Copy in the mail. 🙂

“St. GiIGA Sound of the Earth
Ambient Soundscape 11: Prayers for the Spirit of Nature”

A bit of info on this series of CDs as a whole can be found on their site.

Is the CD anything special? Well, it’s certainly unique. It consists of not much more or less than the sounds of splashing water mixed in with various other “nature” sound effects. The tracks are done in such as a way as to sound transition-less when on played, all meant to go together.

I’ve ripped the music for anyone else who is interested.
To listen to the sounds in MP3 format…. Yeah, y’know, the “more” link.

Track 1

Track 2

Track 3

Track 4

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  1. Hi there,

    I’m curious to know how you got a hold of that CD-R; I’ve been trying to track down more of St.GIGA’s releases from this series – no luck so far!


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