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Satella-Q – the most obscure Toad-starring game ever?

(Minor edits: A “-” symbol apparently goes in the title, now that I’ve seen the videos closely.
Watch for “SATELLA-Q SINCE 1995”)
NicoNicoDouga has been kind to me today and has put up more Soundlink video uploads. Did they notice I was running dry?
This particular one was a bit of a mystery to me for a while – Satella-Q.
Satella-Q is, apparently, a quiz game.
It’s kinda strange that a game starring a Mario character could be so obscure, but it’s likely because this is a VERY Japanese quiz game, being used to advertise J-Pop models and products.
The player accumulates a high score by getting questions right and completing minigames. The questions seem highly pop-culture centric – a whole SECTION is apparently to identify J-Pop songs!

Since I’m not sure whether people’ve caught on that these were originally on NicoNicoDouga I’ll link the original URLS -before- the “more” button.

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の1

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の2

BS サテラQ さよなら平成Q年 其の3

I may also revise my old posts so that the original links show first, but I’ll see how this goes first.

But anyway, on to the videos! These are, from “Satella-Q – Sayonara Heisei Q Nen”.

As usual, the “more” button gives you the goods.

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