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Sutte Hakkun – NP vs. BS

When I tried to look up on “Sutte Hakkun”, I was guided to Wikipedia.

For once, an article with a lot of useful info on a game.
But, are all these differences that notable between versions?
Since I couldn’t find any of the games going around on sale, I once again took the cheap-way-out of emulating… but unlike most people who go straight to the NP Version, I started with the “BS Event Version”.

Pulled from my own Youtube account.

Even in this little tidbit of footage, differences between the BS and NP versions are apparent.

For those who have not seen the NP Version previously, I can shall youtube-link another video as an example.

Yay for paperSSBMmario for that upload.

While this video footage isn’t enough to spot every difference between each version, at least a few are apparent. The “Story intro” text in the BS version is absent from the NP version, but the NP version also has some more polished graphics, including the “STAGE CLEAR” sign.

Bizarrely enough, the 2nd and Holiday BS Versions are more similar to the first BS version than the NP Version in spite of having come out later on. I will get out some example videos for those later.

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