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Satellawalker… what…?

For a while, I’ve been trying to get some info on the “Satellawalker” game series without much result. I thought I’d post what little I got anyhow, though.

My first noting of this series was watching this Youtube upload…

BS サテラウォーカー2 第一話 – “BS Satellawalker 2, first episode”

As typical, thanks to the original uploader is needed – props to mikarinbsx2007.

So here, in this video we seem to have a game which takes place in the very world of the BS-X BIOS. Your avatar character goes around and does various activities…
Unfortunately, it seems to cut off before the main game even starts.

I tried to track down a ROM – I noted one called “Satella2 1” which MIGHT be this game, but it does not boot on any emulators as of current….

I also found this one – “Satellawalker 2 – Sate Bou wo Sukuidase (J)”..
I gave it a bit of a go on SNESGT – note that there’s no sound on this video.

… Just what is up with this?
Oh, I wish I had more Soundlink recordings now….. 🙁

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