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Nintendo’s finally feeding. :)

I’d like to give thanks to Serenes Forest once again for the heads-up that inspired this update.

Nintendo has been putting up audio snippets of their Fire Emblem games on their site.

You might ask, “What’s so special about that?”

Well, check out that last Monsho song – “WIND”. It’s a BS Fire Emblem-exclusive song (Apparently the song called “WIND” which was used in the Thracia albums is not the same…? BS F-Zero was confusing enough!)

This is the closest Nintendo has gone yet to re-release anything Satellaview-related since the add-on device’s demise in mid-2000.

For ease of the English speaker, I’ve pulled said MP3 from their site and put it up on my blog. (actually I did it more for my collection – the uploading’s just me being nice. But aw, well!)

BS Fire Emblem – WIND

Yeah, so it’s just some cheesy J-Pop – but first, J-Pop, tomorrow a full game remake!… hopefully!

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