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Looking more into St. Giga.

As a Satellaview researcher I’ve wondered about the nature of St. Giga – and how they got involved in an ambitous Nintendo project – for a while. Even as I’ve looked up Satellaview content, I’ve also looked into researching St. Giga as a whole.

For a while I’ve tried entering search terms with their title on NicoNicoDouga – and recently I’ve been getting results. You can check some of them after the snip.

More importantly though, the English Wikipedia has been doing articles based on translations of the Japanese Wikipedia.
I’d like to thank anyone who helped on that. 🙂
It’s very helpful, and it gives me context into some of my search results, too.

Whether it be the experimental New-Age music, or the just-as-experimental yet radically different Satellaview, St. Giga’s history was innovation in the music business – which may have been why Nintendo sought them out for this project.

Apparently Nintendo invested stock in them in 93? Funny, wasn’t that around the year the Super Famicom CD projects fell under?

Anyway, here are the most recent NicoNicoDouga uploads, an episode of “RADIO STAR” which is very ambient in nature, and some episode’s of Yuuki Nae’s show, “Tomorrow, If…”

セント・ギガ 裕木奈江 『明日になれば』
裕木奈江 『明日になれば』(1996年3月)
裕木奈江 『明日になれば』(平成8年)

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