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If you guys see my links portion start to grow soon, it’s because I’ve been looking around again.

Lately it seems like the international attention on the Satellaview has been growing – in a particularly sweet finding, The English Wikipedia article on the Satellaview has developed from being poo to actually being a very good starting base for research.

And now I finally have a grasp on how well the Satellaview did. It has SLIGHTLY more fans than the PC-FX! Whoopeee!… Wait, that means I need to do some PC-FX work if I still plan to be niche! Don’t worry, Rising Stuff, the Battle Heat guide will be done soon!

Also of note is this recent article. I’ve never seen this guy’s blog before, but he seems pretty excited, so I’m gonna be sure to check it out more. 😀

This article also seems interesting – although I will note that on Kameb’s Satellaview History Museum, the schedule seems to actually go from Noon to 2AM. Can anyone here clear this up? I also don’t know much on whether the Satellaview could upload, and… arg, BS F-Zero still confuses me.

GiantBomb pulled up a Satellaview article, it seems.

Oh, and who’s been putting this up on MarioWiki?… Oh, wait, that’s me. Durrr. 😀

Right, more to come down the line.

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