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Digging into the history of Satellaview emulation and ROM dumping.

Figured I’d make a post about this to fill up some time.

I’ve been trying to research into the history of the Satellaview ROM dumping and emulation scene – in particular the very nature of the first Satellaview ROM dumps.

The most notable hint I got comes from This Post at LostLevels. apparently Pachuka, a maintainer of the old site emucult, thieved the ROMs from “Hoarders” a long time ago.

For reference, understanding that the most popular Sonic the Hedgehog 2 prototype, widespread among the internet now, was literally stolen from a videogame expo, I’ve gotten used -and numb – to this. However, I question even no whether or not such a shady beginning has helped or hindered the progress of emulating and ROM dumping these.

Pachuka’s now on the site called X-Cult. I post there once in a while for the sake of my ideals of educating about the Satellaview, but I hope I don’t have to have involvement in any such shady business. I generally prefer bonds of trust…

Anyway, I’ve been unable to ascertain what exactly these ROMs were, but flash forward to now and we have ROMs being dumped by the likes of no-intro members and such.

Hopefully at some point I can make a good DAT documenting the ROM dumpers of certain games. Assuming they don’t want anonymity.

PS. While I can’t say for certainty whether everything Pach did was wrong, I will say that he really should’ve tried to understand what he was taking when he got these Satellaview ROMs – Being in contact with him quite a bit gives me the impression he really hardly knows much about the very games he allegedly stole. 🙁
Hopefully I can at least prevent something like that.

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