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On the new ROM Dump: BS Konae Chan no DokiDoki Penguin Kazoku

Elude Visibility has put up the ROM for this funky, obscure Nintendo arcade-style game which was only released on the Satellaview.

I’ve posted a bit of a teaser video of it before to try to hype it. Also here is a bit of a gameplay video (Note: The music is not from the ROM. Sorry, was a bit sloppy on the camerawork.)

The goal of the game is to get a high score by collecting the penguins (And not losing any in the hazards along the way) in this strange mix of Frogger and Lemmings.

As noted, the ROM only boots on BSNES. This has just made me realize that I need to put instructions on how to boot the ROM up. That shall be in the next update.

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