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Emulating the Satellaview – some new ROMs need BSNES!

(This article was edited from how it originally appeared on the blog due to the need to update it.)

Right, as I brought up in my previous post, for some reason BS Konae-chan no DokiDoki Penguin Kazoku only boots on BSNES. Now, since it needs the BIOS, loading it is a bit more complex than just “Pop open ROM” now…

Well, it’s because you’ll get this:

Put your bios on the top and the ROM on the bottom. Click “Load” and you’ll kick into the BS-X Bios itself. I’ll tell more on what to do after this after a bit, but it should be easy from here on out – when you go to the overworld, enter the house behind you, hit the first options, and there! Game loaded.

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