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BS Zelda MAP 1, Week 3

BS Zelda, Map 1, Week 3. This is the week we have the ROM dump of, guys.

For the longest time, the Map 1, Dai-3-wa ROM being one of the sole dumps left many people confused. Since it was incomplete, many people thought the game was canned or never distributed – the actuality of it being that St. Giga just did not have the Dai-4-wa specific code 100-percent implemented because the player was not meant to reach that far.

In this video, the boy who could not complete his objectives last week has to backtrack this week to get the Triforce piece he missed, and then go clear the objective of getting the other two Triforce pieces. Sounds daunting, does it not? Actually, from what I’ve seen, Satellaview games seem to be toned down in difficulty compared to other games…

But either way, here we go.

Only one more to go for BS Zelda! I will then cross-link both this and the Sekiban weeks for you guys.

Original NicoNicoDouga URLS:

On a JP website I’ve linked here, The Satellaview History Museum, they have schedulings for Satellaview content. I noted this one in particular – a program that plays just before BS Zelda;

“☆16:30~17:00 BSゼルダの遊び方 バグポタミア神殿”

Google messes up the translation, but it seems to be “How to play BS Zelda”. Is it a radio tutorial of some sort? I’d like to learn more about this.

One more thing; I’ve been able to find alias for the uploaders of these videos. I am however uncertain of whether they all want their alias announced, due to NicoNicoDouga’s anonymous nature. Therefore, I’d like them to contact me so I can request giving them proper credit.

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