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How to emulate the Satellaview: Data Cart goes in game!

This next quickie of a guide will be for Satellaview “Data Carts”. Or, Memory Packs which have data intended as an expansion to a retail cartridge.

I posted a bit about those earlier, remember? Anyway.

the emulator I will use here is BSNES. This is the only emulator that I recall working for this. Unfortunately, it does not seem to boot SD Gundam G-Next, so I can’t test that… Therefore, my ginuea pig here will be Same Game.

First, get BSNES  whatever ROMs you may be working with.

Open up the emulator;

And on these options, try loading either of the ROMs

In this specific case, I want to load Same Game with the Tengai Makyo Koma Data, so what I’d do is set a good “Same Game” Japanese ROM at the top, and a “Same Game Koma Data – Tengai Makyo” ROM at the bottom. Just hit the “LOAD” button and….

Hey, something seems different here! You should know what I mean if you’ve played Same Game before without the data cart.

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