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Squaresville downloads

I am finally posting up some descriptions of download games again. I don’t do these often except for games which aren’t dumped yet, but I feel the Squaresoft titles deserve some attention.

Many people seem to forget that Square did something other than Radical Dreamers on the Satellaview. In fact, they did quite a lot of titles! I will post some videos, like the usual!

Note that none of these are Soundlink-based broadcasts, so no Soundlink stuff in this subject.

First, some footage from DynamiTracer. This peculiar title seems like a bizarre cross between Square’s usual work and… Sega’s Toejam and Earl. I will post two videos I have:

And now, another quirky Square title, Treasure Conflix! This one appears to be a Mode 7 Airship Dogfighting Simulation, and it looks fairly radical.

Original NicoNicoDouga URLS:
スクウェア幻の名作 ダイナマイ・トレーサー part1
スクウェア [トレジャーコンフリクス] ダイジェスト_01

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