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BS Tantei Club.

It’s come to my attention that NicoNicoDouga’s been deleting some BS-X videos. Why? Well, I’m not the master of knowledge. 🙁 But I do know that some of that stuff is good to look at!

Of particular note, BS Tantei Club, Week 1… vanished without a trace. I can’t even post the original URL for the video, it’ll give you NicoNicoDouga’s “Video not found” error

Here’s how it looked before it was removed.

I also have videos of BS Tantei Club that have yet to be deleted from NicoNicoDouga, which I will talk about later, and some videos which used to be on Stage6, a now-defunct video site. Those videos are in DivX format and nearly take up an entire CD in size each video, so I will not post them here.

NOTE TO RUM USERS: I will post a guide on how to load BS Tantei Club (And various other BS-X games) in SNESGT and some various other emulators, if requested. I can not find a ROM dump for the “last day”…

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  1. kieseer update hhiied utasnii chin battery baga bwal salaad bdg yum bnle shv oor yamar shaltgaan bdgii ni ain medkvv yum bna tegd nemj helhed 2.3.6 bga bol ICS bish Gingerbread shv, chinii suulgasan chin ICS-n theme-tei gingerbread bha

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