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BS Tantei Club.

It’s come to my attention that NicoNicoDouga’s been deleting some BS-X videos. Why? Well, I’m not the master of knowledge. 🙁 But I do know that some of that stuff is good to look at!

Of particular note, BS Tantei Club, Week 1… vanished without a trace. I can’t even post the original URL for the video, it’ll give you NicoNicoDouga’s “Video not found” error

Here’s how it looked before it was removed.

I also have videos of BS Tantei Club that have yet to be deleted from NicoNicoDouga, which I will talk about later, and some videos which used to be on Stage6, a now-defunct video site. Those videos are in DivX format and nearly take up an entire CD in size each video, so I will not post them here.

NOTE TO RUM USERS: I will post a guide on how to load BS Tantei Club (And various other BS-X games) in SNESGT and some various other emulators, if requested. I can not find a ROM dump for the “last day”…

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