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Listen to the Satellaview – Radio Programming (Part 1?)

I’ve already shown how the Satellaview streamed Satellite Audio for the use of some of it’s game titles. Did I also mention that Satellaview users could stream audio at other times, as well?

The Satellaview was able to stream Satellite audio programming at set times during the day.

On top of this, special radio programming was produced. To have on content that catered to the interests of gamers, St. Giga’s radio shows during the Satellaview’s listening hours consisted of videogame news and discussion, along with the occasiaonal piece of pop music.

An example was recently put up on NicoNicoDouga… ok, actually, there’s a lot more than just this from a long time ago, but this one is recent! Allow me to show you folks this!<

(NOTE: The video is probably not how the Satellaview actually looked like while playing the program.)

Berri has translated the title of the show to be “The After-School King”.

The host of this airing is listed as 穴井夕子 or “Yuko Anai”.

I have latter episodes, but they are hosted by 伊集院光 instead…

On the note of the interview segment in the middle, it seems to featre Takahashi Meijin, Hudson’s spokesperson/celebrity figure.

Original NicoNicoDouga link:
穴井夕子の放課後の王様 95/5/3

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