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Satellaview Content, Part 2: Downloads

(WARNING: OLD POST. May be obsolete)

This should be a bit easier to explain than the Live Broadcast stuff.

Downloads are stored into a BS-X Memory Pack, and did various things.

For example, Special Tee Shot is a game that the BS-X Bios can load from the memory pack.

Some games were not quite meant to be full-games like Special Tee Shot. For example…

BS Panel De Pon – Event 98 Version was intended as a sort of “Competition” piece, where there is no story mode or really any standard kind of gameplay, for that matter.

Other kinds of content included less interactive “Magazines” and books, news bulletins, and expansion data for other games which accepted reading from a BS-X Memory Pack.

Some downloads had different restrictions from other downloads – for example, a limited number of boot-ups. Once you reached this limit, the BIOs would write over the game’s header data, jotting a little note to skip over it – making people think the ROM was deleted.

How sad.

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