Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Dash - Sekai Saikyou Tag


全日本プロレス’ 世界最強タッグ ダッシュ

メサイヤ(日本コンピューターシステム) / Masiya (NCS)



Sports / Wrestling



Great game! Sixteen authentic All Japan wrestlers including stars like Misawa, Kobashi, and Williams. The graphics are good, and the gameplay is fun. The wrestler design is very good. The wrestlers are big, and you can easily tell who the wrestler is by just looking at him. Most of the authentic moves are there. Here's a DDT and a piledriver for your enjoyment.

There are a quite a few different types of matches - One on One, Tag Team, Tournament, Tag Team Tournament, VS, Elimination, and Training Mode.

Bottom line: If you like All Japan get it. If not, get it anyway. Fast paced and fun - this one's a keeper.
- No Mercy, from www.firewrestling.com R.I.P.


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ROM Information

Country Japan
Internal CRC FCBD
CRC32 A5F59477
MD5 51CBB35D6C1D4AED81D895E578761710
SHA-1 E33DD8B5D1BC99D8C1BEA57672B73A24FAABA5C0
SHA-256 6BB08314D3F225C33A0C99EB1FA579B69548A83F52DDB2E1D00014535FB1FCFE
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
ROM Size 16 Mb
ROM Type Normal
SRAM Size 0 Kb
Internal Title ZENNICHI DASH        
Common Filenames
Zen Nihon Pro Wrestling - Dash (J).sfc (GoodSNES v0.999.5)
Zen-Nihon Pro Wres' - Sekai Saikyou Tag (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2011-12-24)
Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling' - Sekai Saikyou Tag (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2011-xx-xx)
Zen-Nihon Pro Wrestling' - Sekai Saikyou Tag (NTSC)(Jap)(1.0).sfc (Zapatabase 2011-01-30)

Zen Nippon Pro-Wrestling Dash - Sekai Saikyou Tag