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Super Wrestle Angels is yet another female wrestling game for the Super Famicom. Personally, I found it quite impressive, mainly because the game has excellent artwork.

The graphics are below average for the most part, but the anime is truly top notch. The anime makes up for the poor graphics.

The gameplay itself is also good, although it does not play like your typical wrestling game. Super Wrestle Angels plays more like a card game. I have not figured out exactly how this system works, but I was still able to easily beat my opponents. Basically each player has 5 cards and you can select a move every time you lay down a card. If you have the upper hand, your character does the move you selected. Otherwise your opponent does their move.

Unlike other imported games, it is very easy to start a match in Super Wrestle Angels. Everything is really straight foreword. Also the amount of wrestlers in this game is unbelievable. I would guess there are at least 75 wrestlers. I don't know whether the wrestlers are real or made up, but it really makes no difference anyway.

Another thing I like about this game is the CPU Vs CPU mode, where you can just sit back and watch the PC battle it out.

The only real downside is that the matches often go on for 20 minutes or more, and without any Japanese knowledge, you often end up doing the same moves throughout the match.

Bottom line: Great anime makes up for everything this game could possibly lack.
- No Mercy, from www.firewrestling.com R.I.P.


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ROM Information

Country Japan
Internal CRC 0098
CRC32 B697F8A0
MD5 0FF4EC5AB5A1A387130784DE5960795F
SHA-1 1897062B952636CE0D2F9B714C7CD0B08CDC340B
SHA-256 0C614381777B3650992982974DFB4F1DB27AE2003D08A28C326AFBBFC83A3A2F
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
ROM Size 12 Mb
ROM Type Normal + Battery
SRAM Size 64 Kb
Common Filenames
Super Wrestle Angels (J).sfc (GoodSNES v0.999.5)
Super Wrestle Angels (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2011-12-24)
Super Wrestle Angels (NTSC)(Jap)(1.0).sfc (Zapatabase 2011-01-30)

Super Wrestle Angels