Parlor! Mini 4 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation

パーラー! ミニ4 Parlor ! Mini 4 パチンコ実機(ジッキ)シミュレーションゲーム

パーラー!ミニ4 Parlor ! Mini 4 パチンコ実機シミュレーションゲーム

日本テレネット / Telenet Japan / Irem / Kyoraku



Gambling / Pachinko

4th game in the Parlor series, yet another Pachinko sim.



Reviewed By Superfamiking of Super Famicom Central (R.I.P.)
Hhhhhmmm, Pachinko is a strange little game that Japan seems obsessed with. It doesn't have the fun and interaction of a pinball machine nor the addictive nature of a slot machine. I have played Pachinko in a pachinko hall in Tokyo and I have to say I was confused??? Playing pachinko on SFC leaves me feeling the same way. This one feels exactly the same as others I've played, it looks and sounds fine, but the gameplay is very lacking. (not a fault of this game, but of Pachinko itself). The other problem I have with this release is why only ONE table? If you like Pachinko (???) this does the job, but for most of us it's just too dull and confusing!!!

Graphics: 61%
Sound: 57%
Gameplay: 45%
Lifespan: 42%
Overall: 44%


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ROM Information

Country Japan
Internal CRC F1B5
CRC32 1513ACB8
MD5 CA70B0AEECB75388416D09DD863DF05E
SHA-1 4F459677A630A9F4362F89F0049BB8646C23F076
SHA-256 4B79D5DA21EB3B772836535FFFB01F588250830FFB67C0E42351E30773F0AC23
ROM Speed 120ns (FastROM)
ROM Size 12 Mb
ROM Type Normal
SRAM Size 0 Kb
Internal Title Parlor!Mini4         
Common Filenames
Parlor ! Mini 4 (J).sfc (GoodSNES v0.999.5)
Parlor! Mini 4 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation Game (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2011-12-24)
Parlor! Mini 4 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation (NTSC)(Jap)(1.0).sfc (Zapatabase 2011-01-30)

Parlor! Mini 4 - Pachinko Jikki Simulation