Magical Pop'n


パック・イン・ビデオ / Pack-in-Video / Polestar



Action / Platformer

Cutefest with smartly varied gameplay!


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US Magical Pop'n v1.00 by Aeon Genesis


Magical Pop'n is a 1996 SFC platformer put out by Pack-In-Video. It looks at first like a dull, groan-inducing cutefest, but after you get over the baby-girl voices spouted at every turn by titular princess Pop'n, you start to notice that it has rather detailed animation, tight control, smartly varied gameplay, lush and evocative backgrounds, and, eventually, an impressive level of difficulty. The levels, instead of being linear, are vast and complex, and later levels have a dizzying amount of branching. Secrets abound, and you better find a few if you have any hopes of increasing your meager hit points or replenishing the stars that power your various magical abilities. All in all, this turned out to be a surprising gem, one of the top platformers of the late 16-bit era.

Pop'n has a few claims to fame I discovered after reading a few reviews on Japanese web sites. For one, the box art (though not the in-game art) was done by Takami Akai, who is apparently fairly well-known as the character designer for the vaguely disturbing but well-regarded simulation Princess Maker, among other things. Secondly, the ubiquitous voice of Pop'n is provided by Japanese idol Ai Iijima, who has a big photo plastered on the back of the box next to gushing invocations of her popularity on TV dramas. What the box doesn't tell you (but which all the reviews I read noted with concerned amusement) is that Ms. Iijima is primarily known in Japan for her earlier film work, the nature of which I leave as an exercise for the reader.

Description by Shih Tzu.

Credits / Staff List / スタッフ

Shoutarou Hara
Yasuhiro Wada

Program & Design
Hiroyuki Tani

Artwork & Design
Jun Hoyano
Hidetoshi Nakajima
Kazunao Tajiri

Music & Effects
Ichirou Ishibashi

Box Art
Takami Akai

Ai Iijima


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ROM Information

Country Japan
Internal CRC D3C9
CRC32 C49D28A4
MD5 E47F184FD5D2285BCC4EE07D990F5375
SHA-1 50F70512C7E0972E9BBCDED52137DF8E8D21C937
SHA-256 ED617AD12C865FC9C9C5C75DE840D3AFEDED57D13CA3A3062BF8E30095629414
ROM Speed 200ns (SlowROM)
ROM Size 16 Mb
ROM Type Normal
SRAM Size 0 Kb
Internal Title マジカルポップン          
Common Filenames
Magical Pop'n (J).sfc (GoodSNES v0.999.5)
Magical Pop'n (Japan).sfc (No-Intro 2011-12-24)
Magical Pop'n (NTSC)(Jap)(1.0).sfc (Zapatabase 2011-01-30)

Magical Pop'n

Magical Pop'n

Magical Pop'n