AV Bishoujo Senshi Girl Fighting

AV 美少女(ビショウジョ)戰士


Somari Team / Somari Team



Fighting / Theatrical



You will also see this game listed under the name Beautiful Girl Fighter AV, the American name, or AV Mei Shao Nv Zhan Shi, the Chinese name for it. It is a Sailor Moon-ish Fighting game for the Fammicom. It says on the front "FOR FC ONLY" and "SOMERI TEAM". It is supposedly by the same group that brought you Somari - The Adventure. The PCB has several serials: the main PCB board is labled SL-12; the large 'mapper' chip is the Huang-1; the PRPG and CHR chip are SL-11A and SL-11B; the smaller chip is LATTICE / GAL16V8A-25LP / L149D21.

As far as gameplay, it's quite difficult to control the characters but the graphics aren't half bad. It contains 2 Sailor Moon characters, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars, Chun Li from Street Fighter and some others I don't immediatly recognize.


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