Tomorrow's Joe

Vice Translations

v0.99 May 8th, 2008

Original Game: Ashita no Joe

Download Tomorrow's Joe v0.99 UPS Patch for English



Version History

Version 0.99 - May 8, 2008 [Patch size: 3341 bytes]
Took me long enough. This translation is 99% finished - the only thing left to do is the attract screen. The game's original title shows up scrolling from right to left. I can edit the tiles that make up the logo, but I have no idea how to change the layout, so I just left it alone. The game is fully translated otherwise.

What's Left

The attract mode.


Game Hacking
Kitsune Sniper

Main Translator
Monmon (at MO's old board)

Additional Translation Support

Mini Instruction Thing

DPad left / right: Move left / right

A: Punch
Forward + A: Medium Punch
Back + A: Strong Punch
Up-forward + A: Uppercut
Down-forward + A: Body blow

B (without holding a direction on the DPad): Block
Down + B: Lower guard
Down + B: (when guard is lowered) - restore guard
Left + B: Dodge high punches

Down-right twice on the DPad: Crouch
Up + A while crouching: Strong Uppercut

Start: Pause

Tomorrow's Joe English

Tomorrow's Joe English

Tomorrow's Joe English

Tomorrow's Joe English