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New ROM Dumps: BS-X Shooting! + Extras

Amidst all the BS-X Project news (Download v002 today!) it’s almost been tough to keep up with the “Schedule”, per se. Regardless, I promised to have the following ROM up on my birthday, which is, well, November 4th!

This ROM is probably the worst-kept secret of the blog since around May or so, when it was initially obtained. It’s also, in my opinion, one of the best releases since Konae-chan no DokiDoki Pengin Kazoku, and a nice recovery of what we’ve only had video of before.

Can you guess what it is? Well, if you’ve checked some of the comments I made or checked what I was doing around Youtube, it should be easy to guess, actually:

BS-X Shooting! The first of the three “Satella-shooting trilogy” games, this little Dezaemon-engine shmup is short, yet crazy and chaotic.
Launch 8M Packs at your enemies! Face the likes of surfing dog and kissing shark! Beware the enemies with weird quasi-realistic faces plastered on them!

This ROM was generously donated to me by ChronoMoogle and dumped by ikari_01 of #snesfreaks. A few things of note: The header is slightly different from the one in the NND video upload. In particular, the header is “BS-Xシューティング” instead of the “DEZAEMON BSX” in said video.
The ROM has simple and easy emulator compatibility – it appears to work on anything that isn’t ZSNES. (I ran it on ZSNES by removing the header data, interestingly enough.)

DEZAEMON BSX VERSION – BS-X Shooting | BS-Xシューティング

Ah, not done yet, though, not done yet. As like days of… uh, a bit further back, I got two magazines to show as well. And one is kind of not what we expected. In fact, when Callis dumped it, he didn’t even realize it was a magazine; the original filename was “Horse Data.bs”.

And starting from that screen, can you really blame him?
Previous bootups that went into a black screen with text were Data Packs. The one major difference is, this one had 6 lines full. I thought it’d be worth investigating, so I tried booting it myself;

Looking at this header, I think it says… “Satesupo DX 4” or some like that, yes? Actually, I’m literally figuring this out as I write this, lol!

So I open it up in BSNES, take a printscreen and then-

Woah wait what?

This is a very text-laden magazine, of course. It’s not in any of the previous formats I got used to, though! L and R do some funky navigation things, and…

I don’t think I’ve seen a chart quite like this in the other magazines!

So far, I’ve only gotten this to boot on BSNES, too. Callis seemed unable to boot it even on a real hardware setup. Weird!

Satesupo DX Dai-4-Gou | サテスポDX第4号
ROM download
please excuse the misnamed file. This is kind of last-second here.

Alright, one more.

This last magazine is in a more familiar format.
“Gal Kan Bazooka!” appears to be a magazine about girls. I like girls. I’m not so sure I like bazookas, though. They’re kinda hazardous.

Reading from the top-down, this is a very text-heavy magazine.

It has very few pictures, even. I mean, I think I got half of them in these screenshots as it is. Ouchie.

If my personal contact info was on a commercial Super Famicom product, should I be proud, or very, very concerned?

But enough random comments. At the moment I only got this one to boot on SNES9XPP XE. I didn’t check the header – assuming for whatever reason it’s not reading right on emulators due to it. But too lazy at the moment to adjust it.

Gal Kan Bazooka Dai-5-Kan | ギャル缶Bazooka! 第5缶
ROM download

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