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Well, speak of the Shirikon Chounaikai!

So, merely a day after this post is the upload date of a NicoNicoDouga upload;


Yeah, so I posted about a week later. I tend to like taking a bit of time on pad out my postings. ^^;

I’m gonna assume once again that folks at NND are posting things in response to the blog again. Which is always a good thing.
I really appreciate this stuff. 🙂
I owe a lot to the Satellaview fans that browse and upload to NicoNicoDouga; without them, this blog may not have come to exist.
I hope that, sometime (particularly after I learn some Japanese better), I’ll be able to give back to them in a more direct manner.
For now, though, hopefully this simple message will work:

Bakusho Mondai no Shirikon Chounaikai is a radio program, it’s format being pretty similar to the various other ones I’ve obtained so far.
シリコン町内会 translates to “Silicon Neighborhood Association”, and the show seems to cover various Nintendo news and games.
The title of the NND up suggests that no one is certain exactly when this particular episode broadcasted. It’s tentatively marked on the June 1996 date because… well, about mid-way in, a Nintendo 64 radio ad is prominently featured. It’s kinda eerie to think about, actually… that ad may have marked a moment when the Satellaview’s days were numbered.

BTW, the audio doesn’t quite match up with what the ROM shows. There’s likely more episodes yet to be heard.

Embed after the “more” link.

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