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“Burst of Laughter” Radio programming.

The Satellaview had a relatively frequent radio program called 放課後の王様.

What exactly it was about, I do not know. But maybe I would if I could comprehend Japanese, because I got these recordings.

This is 伊集院光 on an episode of 放課後の王様.

To make this pain easier for you all, I’ll put 3 more of these in a single post! That way there won’t be as many floods of entries like this.

And finally, the original NicoNicoDouga URLs:
伊集院光 放課後の王様 1995.11.27
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.04
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.11
伊集院光 放課後の王様1995.12.18

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