I would knock on Wario’s wood, but it’s way too hard.

So ReyVGM pulled me away from my YouTube to remind me that I forgot to put a ROM up. OOPS. I got too caught up in goofy Satellawave modifications. Silly me!

A few months back (Well, at this point QUITE a few months back) a certain Johnny Boy tweeted a mysterious Wario no Mori ROM. As you can see from the Twitter history I thought it was Bakusho Ban and asked for it to be ROM dumped.

And yes, it was ROM dumped, I got it… and I got very confused, because it turned out to be similar to, but different from, the Bakusho Ban I was expecting based on what I already knew. It was also very, VERY undocumented.

This, folks, is “Wario no Mori Event Version 2”.

To start, like Bakusho Ban it replaces the traditional Wario’s Woods characters with the Bakushow Mondai (I seriously need to remember to start putting in that W) comedy duo and edited characters that I presume are inspired by their jokes.

Which means I now finally have a sprite rip of one I have called “Yarenaika Thwomp”, because man, THOSE EYES.

Oh, and some other example sprites:

(I slightly edited this one to compensate for cropping of Satebo’s wing there a bit. XP)

It has two gameplay modes, both of which are oriented around time-attacking puzzles. They are HARD. I don’t know how hard it would be for an expert in Wario’s Woods, but for me, it seems like I fail the harder ones no matter how much I try. Presumably after you clear all of them you get a password to receive a prize, but I’ve yet to get that far! Anyone who’d be willing to rise to the challenge would be appreciated.

Anyway, these two gameplay modes are NOT what was described in Bakusho Ban (Which had the traditional Round Game and VS. CPU modes), so I asked bakobepe about it on Twitter. Based on what he looked up (and it seems even for a Japanese person like him with access to loads of Japanese publications, information on this was very difficult to look up), this was the third edition of Wario no Mori released on Satellaview, counting Bakusho Ban and Futatabi. (Meaning an Event Version 1 definitely exists – though what modes it has aren’t confirmed. There’s some suggestions there was a mode centered around coin collecting.)
Besides that? Not much more.

nensondubois datamined the ROM and found data for Round Game, which makes me wonder if the data for Bakusho Ban and Event Version 1 is all already in the ROM. Otherwise, these two are still on the loose.

The download contains Johnnyboy’s 8M dump as it was sent to me.

Please stay tuned to the blog for further updates on this ROM. Also, expect more Satellaview ROM’s soon!

ワリオの森 イベント バージョン VER 2 | Wario no Mori Event Version (Version 2)
ROM Download


  1. ReyVGM said,

    April 1, 2018 at 1:38 pm

    Hey man.

    I don’t know what’s going on, but I’m only able to see one comment at a time? And your replies, I can only see them because they got sent to my email, but I don’t see them here.
    I tried two browsers and I get the same issue. Is that normal or is it just me?

    Anyway, as you can see I “finished” the game (I posted a URL with the images, in case the blog filtered it). The problem I was having was because I was playing it on SNES9X 1.55. Apparently it doesn’t emulate the game very well since all the bombs come out the same color for some reason (for both Event ban and Futatabi). Once I switched to BSNES it worked fine.
    The BSX town also works fine on BSNES since you are able to change the date/time in the options of the emulator. In SNES9X there is no option (afaik) so the town is “dead”.

    I made two cheats for Wario Event, one to stop the bar from depleting (which brings out Wario to screw with you) 7E0A2019, and another to freeze the timer so you always get good times 7E081805.

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