Happy Bustday to ‘View

I don’t have a strong “Satellaview Birthday” celebration post, but I got a ROM release, thanks to crediar (and ChronoMoogle putting the pressure on me to update here, rather than my Youtube. Hah~!)

Take a look at some of the things referenced here. FFVII? F-Zero X? THE SEGA PICO?

EDIT: Bluesun has given this a glance! Some notes:

[11:36 AM] bluesun: Right from the start it seems interesting(edited)
[11:36 AM] bluesun: As far as I know there was never a N64 <-> GB cable released, was there?
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: Well
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: There WAS the transfer Pak, designed specifically for Pokemon Stadium
[11:39 AM] Kiddo: And only compatible with that and a few other games IIRC
[11:40 AM] bluesun: First interview is about making a card game for the N64, that would use a connected game boy for each player to show each player’s hand in private
[11:40 AM] bluesun: Something like Four Swords Adventures
[11:41 AM] Kiddo: They were thinking of something like the GBA Adapters that far in…!
[11:42 AM] Kiddo: The most likely card game candidate would be Pokemon Card Game GB

[11:44 AM] bluesun: F-Zero article: F-Zero X release date announced!

[11:47 AM] bluesun: The HMD is an advert for Sony’s Glasstron https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasstron

[11:50 AM] bluesun: Third news is about Sega opening a Pico theme park in Vietnam, “Sega World Of Hanoi”
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Wait
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: Sega pico
[11:50 AM] Kiddo: THEME PARK?
[11:51 AM] bluesun: expecting 300 thousand visitors in the first year, the staff are being thoroughly trained on how to introduce the controls to people seeing a video game for their very first time

[11:53 AM] bluesun: Fourth news is clickbaity, ‘Will Astro Boy really be born in 2003?’, and is about a Tezuka Osamu World park that’s going to be built ready for 2003

[11:57 AM] bluesun: The woman with the gun is the magazine’s new addition to the editing team, Isobe. “She can sing, dance, and draw art!”

The recording was done in SNES9XPP XE, BTW. Haven’t had too much time to actually check the dump status, but Busters magazines aren’t usually bad per se. The ROM was provided to me in .BIN format, but a simple file format change should make this runnable on the more expected SNES emulators.

Digital Magazine Busters BS 6/7:
Original Link
Satellablog mirror.


  1. ChronoMoogle said,

    April 23, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Well, it’s not exactly a Sega Pico amusement park, but still worth a small youtube video for Segas try bring over their arcades to Vietnam.

    Very loosely translated:

    “Sega Enterprises opened its first Vietnamese arcade “Sega World of Hanoi” inside of Lenin Park located in the center of Hanoi in cooperation with Sumimoto Corp. The arcade aims to create a facility to let the citizens relax while learning and playing with unfamiliar operations through digital devices.

    Sega Pico, an intellectual education computer is set up in the arcade and is open to visitors to use free of charge. By installing this computer equipment, it will likely improve the education of Hanois citizens.

    (Blurp about joint ventures of involved companies)

    The numbers of visitors expexted in the first year is 300.000 and the focus will be on the staffs education to explain the operation method of games to our customers in an easy manner. Eventually more stores will develop abd we look forward to the future developement of video games in Vietnam to evaluate the potential of amusement facilities in other foreign countries.”

    According to BBC news this arcade appears to be closed down after only 1 1/2 years though: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/6177261.stm
    Good luck finding picture or even video material of it…

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