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Dante98 wanted to be the one to fill this dark blog with light.

Today we explore the consequences of me being a slowpoke – being beaten to the punch on something I wanted to do, that is.

So, I was checking NicoNicoDouga, and look what got uploaded!
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New ROM dump is mysteriously headered.

I’ve been holding on to a few ROMs from earlier in the year for a good while, which I haven’t had the chance to release yet. Thankfully, I think I got some time now!

This release is thanks to ChronoMoogle and ikari_01, from SNESFreaks, of course!
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Diglett dig!

More schedule romanizing!

Unfortunately, August 7th through August 13th, 1995 seems like it was a fairly boring week in regard to new content. The only new entries appear to be followups to the enigmatic “Hyaku Monogatari” series and a demo version of Akumajou Dracula XX (which is different from the retail, shrinked from 16 to 8 mbit). Everything else was already listed in the previous week which ChronoMoogle covered.
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There’s no way these lolis can have the figures they do without a lot of padding posts.

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