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Unrelated Project: Sega Pico blog.

So, after doing a good amount of work on researching and helping to get ROMs for the Sega Pico, I think it’s time I started making a blog for it like Satelablog. (It’s not like all that stuff belongs on here, anyhow.)

Here’s the blog in question, obviously still a work-in-progress.
If you’re gonna ask why it’s on blogspot like the old Satellablog was, I’ll just say “I don’t have a pico.org/blog domain, do I?” 😛

Hopefully you Satellablog readers will be willing to contribute to it! Thanks in advance! 🙂

4 thoughts on Unrelated Project: Sega Pico blog.

  1. Nice! But please dont forget your old project 😉

    I found a guy who got ALL Famitsus in his collection AND he is fluent with japanese. His nick is Matsumoto and this is his twitter account:
    For a long time his job included translation of new famitsus, so he sure knows a lot or is able to look things up. But to make things clear, I only found him. No contact so far.
    I guess you have a shitload of questions to him, so you should think about it xD

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