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Merry Christmas! Your present is… more Harvest Mooning!

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A Christmas Satellaview ROM Story.

It appears this year one of our more interesting ROM gets of the year is a tad last-second. My friends, let me tell you a story about true Christmas spirit, great ambitions, the hot-blooded determination of mankind, and hex editing! … Or possibly something resembling that. I’m not entirely sure.

A bit earlier in the month, there was a Satellaview set on eBay. Noting that it seemed a tad cheaper than what most models recently sell for, I basically went up to Callis and was like “OMG GET IT PLZ KTHXBAI”. With enough pressure, he caved. Yes, I probably am a dick for doing that.

Flash forward to just last Wednesday. Yep, the 21st. Read the rest of this entry »

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BS Zelda noted in “Hyrule Historia”

Thanks to MasterOfPuppets for this one.
He’s told me that BS Zelda no Densetsu has a small column in the new 25th Anniversary Zelda book.
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I am cry.

(EDIT: The site has recently gone back up since this post. Quite a relief. ^^; )
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On NicoNicoDouga: Another Sutte Hakkun BS LP.

Before I pop this up, I realize I forgot to mention that ChronoMoogle also gets thanks for the Dokapon ROM in the previous update. Oopsie!
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New ROM Dumps: Would you believe this first one eluded me three times?

Alright, a new ROM batch!

So, here’s a bit of personal Satellaview collecting story for you.

Three times prior, a 8M Pack described as having the game “Lemmings” appeared on Yahoo Japan Auctions. Three times, I noticed and tried to obtain it. And three times, I failed!

… thankfully, it appears that third one must have gotten to ikari somehow!

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Unrelated-to-the-rest-of–the-blog ROM release: Kirby and the Betamazing Demo.

Well, this isn’t a Kirby no Omachahako, but it appears Callis wants this here to have the blog appeal more to the people who jump at “Beta” content. Read the rest of this entry »

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This week in BS-X Project: ASCII Data Pack emulation + New Data Pack ROM batch.

LuigiBlood’s work on BS-X Project has progressed with improved emulation of Data Packs. Now, the RPG Tsukuru stuff loads up! Look at this… very quick party wipe! Yay…? lol. Read the rest of this entry »