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BSZ-Lite Update: Now with English translation!

I’ve just finished testing up a newer build of Mottzilla’s BS Zelda Lite patch.
This version is meant to fix a saving glitch.

It also has Duke Serkol’s fan translation applied to it!

Download it here!

Those who might be popping in for the first time wondering what the news with Mottzilla’s new BSZ-Lite is can check the post below this.

5 thoughts on BSZ-Lite Update: Now with English translation!

  1. How far back, now? Just a few days?

    I’ve been a bit busy lately with some other things, which aren’t related to her,e, so I don’t post about them.
    Callis has already sent me some things that I also need to post about when I get the time, and there’s a few NND uploads as well.

    Can you tell me what ikari’s got lately?

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